Harry’s Cigar & Brew

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Harry’s Cigar & Brew is a full service cigar shop featuring a wide selection of fine cigars, which are perfectly maintained, along with a full line of accessories, pipes, tobacco, gifts, beer, wine and coffee.

For those wishing to relax and enjoy their cigar, there is a comfortable smoking area or the bar where a cup of Cuban coffee or your favorite beer or wine may be purchased to complement your smoking experience.

At Harry’s Cigar & Brew you can mingle with fellow cigar enthusiast, meet with business associates or just relax and enjoy.

On Saturday night the back parking lot transforms into Harry’s Starlight Lounge where you will be entertained by some of the best Blues artists in the state!

At Harry’s you’ll find a home.

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Where Good  People  Enjoy a Great smoke

1954 W SR 426, #1118

Oviedo, FL 32765

In the Home Depot Plaza

at Red Bug & Aloma




Monday-Tuesday   10am - 6pm

Wednesday - Saturday   10am - 10pm

Band Nights open ‘til 11pm


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Last Band of the 
Dec 7th
Harry’s Cigar & Brew is now CLOSED.
Thank you Oviedo for 8 fun filled years at this location!  It was a great ride.